Behind a successful home sale there is the commitment and effort of a seller. This transaction  isn’t as simple as you may think and the last thing you want is staying in the market for too long after only receiving a few offers. For this reason at Riva Title in Coral Gables, we created the following post containing some of the most common home selling mistakes and how to avoid them. 

Neglecting Curb Appeal

First and foremost, you should make sure the exterior of your home is attractive and this only requires a few small repairs and upgrades. You can use a power washer to remove dirt and debris from the windows and exterior. Also, carrying out certain maintenance chores like fixing the gutters, repairing the mailbox and painting your front door will significantly improve the appearance of your home. 

Skipping a Home Inspection

There can be damages in your property that you are probably not aware of. Keep in mind that most buyers will have a thorough inspection conducted by a professional, so they can negotiate in case they have to carry out certain restorations. Plus, knowing the condition of your property will also give you an idea of your home price.

Setting a High Price

Like most buyers, you will want to get a fair price for your home; afterall your property has increased its value over the years, right? However, there are many other things you should consider and the reality may not meet your expectations. Remember that an overpriced home will stay in the market for a long time, so you should get an appraisal or run a Comparative Market Analysis before you set your price. 

These are just some of the most common home selling mistakes and you should consider them before stepping into the real estate market. Also, be sure to read our guide on lighting your home during the open house. 

For Title Insurance in Coral Gables

Neglecting to get legal advice during this operation is another mistake you should avoid. If you are looking for title insurance in Coral Gables, think about Riva Title, where we will be glad to assist you during your transaction. If you wish to learn more about how we can help, please call (786) 787-7888.