Staging your home for sale is an important marketing move. One of the brightest features of your home is the lights, and many times these are overlooked. At Riva Title Company in Coral Gables, Florida, we find that many homes do not have enough lighting to show off its qualities to a potential buyer. Whether you are a seller, buyer or homeowner, here are a few tips to help put your house in the spotlight!

Natural Lighting

Skylights, large picture windows, and sliding glass doors are always nice features to have, and allows a lot of natural light into your home. However, too many skylights can cause sun damage to carpets and upholstered furniture. A greenhouse kitchen window, or bay window, is a wonderful feature and allows the growing of spices, herbs, or beautiful flowers. A sun parlor is an enclosed glass room attached to the main house. A great place for gardening, lounging, reading, receiving guests, and sipping tea.

Interior Lighting

Task, ambient, accent, and overhead lighting with dimmers, placed strategically, can produce an overall feel for a room. Adding light above your kitchen cabinets will give the illusion of height, allowing a small kitchen a feeling of spaciousness. Accent lighting can showcase a beautiful piece of artwork on the living room wall, where ambient lighting provides a soft glow to the rest of the room. In your dressing room or bathroom, avoid unflattering shadows that overhead lighting can create by adding light to the sides of your mirrors. Lighting up your stairs with small accent lights not only looks nice but can keep you from a disastrous fall in the dark.

Exterior Lighting

When the sun goes down, the exterior lights come on, extending your outdoor entertaining hours or backyard playtime. Porches, walkways, and driveway lighting are important features for safety. Aesthetically pleasing, low voltage, ambient lights will cast a soft glow on your address numbers, behind plants, and under the eaves of your house.

Title Insurance in Coral Gables

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