Who to Hire for Your Home Inspection

We told you that skipping the home inspection is a big home buying mistake. Before investing in a home, you should do everything you can to ensure you are making a wise decision. A home inspection will make you aware of any damages or concerns you may want addressed before moving forward. Here are some tips you should take in finding the right inspector for your home.


Make sure the inspector is licensed with a professional inspectors association. Follow up with the organization itself to find out if the inspector is in good standing. These associations require a great deal of training and knowledge before accepting members. Being a member does not guarantee you have found an expert, but it is a good start.


For a home inspection, you want someone with experience in construction or building. They know what to look for and will spot red flags. You may want to bring in additional plumbing or electrician inspectors if you have concerns about these systems in the home.

Go Along

Ask your inspector if you can come along for the inspection. If they say no, be wary. Your inspector should want you to come along so she can teach you everything you need to know about the state of your home. The inspection should take at least three hours, longer if it is a fixer-upper, so beware of inspectors who promise to be in and out in an hour or two.


Ask to see samples of previous inspection reports. Your lender will have requirements for the report, so make sure that it meets the needs of your lender.

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