Becoming a homeowner is a life achievement that has countless benefits; from getting the independence you want to see how your property increases its value over time. However, there are many responsibilities you have to fulfill and neglecting them can lead to many negative consequences. For this reason at Riva Title in Miami, we created the following post containing some of the most common home buying mistakes.


This transaction involves a long term commitment, as they include paying for the mortgage and other expenses. Renting and selling are good options in case you have to move, but these scenarios are not always likely and it’s possible that you end up losing money. If you are just not ready to settle down, you should think twice before continuing with this transaction.  


Getting preapproved from the beginning of the process will allow you setting a budget and sticking to it, otherwise you will fall in love with properties that are out of your reach. Don’t forget to include other somehow neglected expenses, like the the property taxes, home insurance, restorations and moving costs.  

Home Inspection

Finding out whether your future home needs to be restored is crucial, as there are certain damages that can be very expensive and can bust your budget. Be sure to hire a certified home inspector to take a look at the property. This way you will also be able to negotiate the home price with the seller. 

Homeownership has many advantages over renting, however you should assess your personal and financial situation thoroughly before taking a decision. Remember the first-time buyers tend to make mistakes due to inexperience, however having the right professional advice by your side can help you avoid any unpleasant scenario.

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