Finding your dream house is an existing adventure but it can become discouraging when you learn of all the legal processes. That is why here at Riva Title Company we want to take care of all your legal needs so you can enjoy the whole experience and leave the not so fun part to us. We have put together several posts with information and tips on home buying. Make sure to read our post on avoiding home buying mistakes, and enjoy this informative post on how much the value of a property can boost when it has a great view.

How Much Will a Good View Increase Property Value?

It´s hard to say exactly how much the value of a property will increase depending on just the view alone. Depending on how much the buyer values the view and at what elevation it is it can boost the property value by 1-80% compared to similar properties in the same area. The lowest increase is by about 1% when the view is at a ground level. Next is the partially obstructed rooftop view which increases property value by about 4%. Following that is an unobstructed view at a medium or high level which can make the property value increase about 7-10%. The highest increase in property value is when the property has a clear view of the ocean, lake, or other large water view. The increase of value in these cases can range from 14% to 80%. The 80% range can be reached when there are several areas of the home that have access to this view.

Title Insurance in Miami

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