If there was a perfect time to sell a house, it wouldn't be Summer. With most houses sold during Spring, many buyers don't even search during Summer. If this sounds like you, this article can help. There is no denying that the majority of home sales occur during the spring months. With the weather conditions bringing people out of their homes for the first time in a while, owners are in a good position to advertise their properties. However, while this may be the best time to sell a house, it in no way is a time where you can be guaranteed that your home will sell. This leaves many homes still available on the market when Summer rolls around. To get you jump-started on the idea of finding your dream home during the summer months, Riva Title Company has some beneficial information to share.

The Perfect Time to Offer Low

Do you know what happens to houses in the summer that everybody wants to buy? The owner receives many offers, often over and above their starting price. Do you know what happens to those houses where the seller overreaches or isn't reasonable about the price? They stay on the market. When considering looking for homes during the summer months, don't look for anything that has been newly listed. Instead, start your search with properties that sit around the 60-90 day range. Many of the owners of these homes were expecting to sell during Summer. As such, they are far more likely to negotiate a purchase price which is more reasonable. For a buyer, this can translate into a lower purchase price for a valuable home. Whether you buy a home in summer or spring, if you are a smart buyer then you want title insurance. Title insurance in Coral Gables, FL provides buyers with financial security over the ownership of any property they purchase. Speak with Riva Title Company by calling 786-787-7888 to learn more about how title insurance in Coral Gables, FL can help protect your future.

Look When Everybody Else Isn't

Do you know what the majority of people do over the summer months? They take a vacation, complete outstanding chores, and generally wind down. While you would also like the opportunity to enjoy the sun, the times where everybody else is busy is the perfect time to look for a house. Simply because your regular competition is too busy entertaining over the school vacation period or fixing their own homes in preparation to sell next summer. While you might have to forego a summer of fun, consider this time as a great advantage to you with limited competition to outbid any offer you provide.

Use an Agent

With almost every home available for you to browse online, the services of an agent are often pushed to the side. Of course, this may also because they are generally very busy and unable to take on new clients. During the summer months when the property market is at its slowest, these agents suddenly have a lot of spare time. In addition to your own searching, consider the services of an agent. Not only do they have enough time themselves, but other agents in their network will also have more time to spare. Collectively, this increases your chances of finding a dream home that isn't listed online or may be buried in months or properties that you (and everybody else) simply passes.

Recognize a Sticky Situation

For many homeowners, they were expecting to sell their home during the Spring months, and now that it's summer, were expecting to be moving. When their home didn't sell, they needed to cancel those arrangements. This means that, even if they were to sell, they would be stuck for a place to move to, even if they were willing to move to a condo. Depending on your situation, consider offering a low bid for a property with the addition that the owner can either remain at the property for a set period of time to allow them to find a new place or, if you have any other viable options of your own, put these forward. While every seller isn't going to jump at the idea, it will be enough to allow some sellers to sell their home without the repercussions of making themselves homeless.

Thorough and Reputable Title Insurance in Coral Gables, FL

Whether you buy your dream home while the sun is shining of the rain is falling, you need buyers title insurance. Title Insurance in Coral Gables, FL provides buyers with financial protection in the event that a past claim is raised against their new home's title. Speak with Riva Title Company at 786-787-7888 before you sign any paperwork, and speak with a title insurance expert. From years of providing title insurance in Coral Gables, FL, Riva Title Company are in the best position to give you the right advice and the right insurance product for your needs.