A few years ago the housing market looked very different where there were more buyers than there were houses. This afforded previous homeowners looking to sell an upper-hand on almost all aspects of the home sale process, especially when their property would be available to view. However, the market is no longer like this.

Reach More People With a Night Viewing Done Correctly

With the current flood of properties for sale, it has quickly become a buyers market, with owners scrambling for ways to make their home more appealing and to reach more and more buyers. One of the increasingly popular ways to do this is by opening a home for a night viewing. The biggest mistake that owners make, however, is expecting all the 'tips and tricks' they use for a daytime viewing to transfer over. For this post, Riva Title Company has some information to share on how you can make your home more appealing during a night time viewing.

Outdoor Lighting

When staging a property for a nighttime viewing, shadows pose the biggest problem. This is particularly challenging for the exterior of a property as the wrong shadow can cause the house to look unappealing and run-down. The following ideas are great places to start when lighting the exterior of your property when showing it at night.
  • For a front yard or even a front garden, this is the best place to start with lighting. Small solar-powered lights placed throughout your garden or even across your lawn can provide an appealing first image.
  • If you have a large tree or flowering plant, make this a standout piece by placing a small spotlight on it.
  • Use small lights to outline any pathways or steps to help viewers reach your front door.

Interior Lighting

During a daytime viewing, natural light shows your home brilliantly. Without natural light, however, you will need to do more to create individual and well-lit environments in each room. It is important to note interior lighting is not a one-size-fits-all approach. The following spaces will look their best when flooded with light:
  • Entrance space
  • Hallways
  • Kitchen
  • Laundry
  • Bathroom(s)
  • Storage areas
When lighting these spaces, be sure to remove as many large items as possible which could create shadows and make these rooms appear smaller than they are. Whether it's a daytime or nighttime viewing, buyers will want to shed some light on the title of your home. Before potential buyers view your home, speak with Riva Title Company at 786-787-7888 to arrange a thorough title search to uncover any discrepancies with your home's title. In addition to these services, Riva Title Company can also handle any residential closings and can act as your escrow agent during the sale of your property.

Dining and Entertaining Areas

Lamps are going to be your best friend when lighting these areas. Instead of flooding them with light, do your best to create a warm ambiance in each space which makes viewers feel invited and comfortable. Strategically place a combination of small and tall lamps until you are happy with the result.

Main Bedroom

The idea behind lighting a master bedroom is to make it look as relaxing as possible. Matching bedside tables are a great start and can be complemented with a few smaller lamps. If you have lampshades available, warm tones such as brown or a dark red can make the master bedroom warm and inviting.

Childrens' Rooms

The emphasis on any rooms which are likely to be used for children is bright and fun. However, this doesn't mean screwing in the brightest bulb you have. Instead, utilize cartoon based lampshades which can shine fun prints onto the wall. Bright colors such as green, blue, and yellows can work well as they invite a sense of fun.

Outdoor Spaces

Floodlights are going to be the best choice for lighting outdoor spaces. Avoid colored gels and instead, use the greenery to adjust the shade of the light. If you have any raised decking, try to light these from below to give them a grand feeling. Of course, if there are any obstacles which viewers may stumble over or fall into, be sure they are well-lit.

Professional Title Insurance Services From Riva Title Company

If your buyers are looking to secure finance for the purchase, they will require title insurance. To expedite their application, have your buyers speak with Riva Title Company by calling 786-787-7888. In addition, Riva Title Company can also provide professional escrow services along with residential and commercial closings.