Are you about to move into a new home? Make sure your excitment isn't cut short by ensuring to deep clean your new property before moving in. Learn some cleaning tips in this post by Riva Title Company.

Moving into a new home can surely bring a lot of joy. To ensure you start with the right foot and don't run into any surprises, make sure to plan out a deep cleaning session. This will help you ensure there aren't any remains of dirty spots left at your new home by the previous tenants and will give you the opportunity to start with a clean canvas. Keep reading this article by Riva Title Company and get your cleaning plans started!

Before You Get Started

Before starting your cleaning process, it’s a great idea to make a system or predetermine which areas of the house you are going to start with. Maybe there are areas like the kitchen and the bathrooms you want to ensure are clean before moving on to the rest of the house. One thing to remember is to always make sure to start from top to bottom, you don’t want to finish cleaning a room an then realize the ceilings are a mess. Give a quick inspection to every room and determine what aspects you need to pay special attention to, this will make your cleaning job a lot easier.

Cleaning the Kitchen

When it comes to the kitchen, it’s important to be meticulous and clean even the hard to reach places. As mentioned before, take a close look to the ceilings and walls, are there any stains that need attending? Next, move to the oven and remove all racks. Place your racks in the sink and leave them soaking for a while in water and soap. If you feel they need something extra, you can add some backing soda to ensure they are disinfected. Clean all surfaces with a disinfecting agent to ensure they look as good as new. Does your refrigerator also need cleaning? Take a sponge and clean all areas thoroughly. Take all the shelves out and clean them separately.

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Cleaning the Bathrooms

When it comes to the bathroom, ensure you clean even the hard to reach places. Cleaning your bathroom shouldn’t be a hard task, almost all cleaning products are great with ensuring all surfaces can be cleaned and spotless. If you feel the need to, disinfect areas like the sink, tub, and toilet to ensure you feel comfortable to start using the space. A great tip is to get your toilet seat replaced. Toilet seats are very inexpensive and can help your bathroom fell fresh and new.

Don't Forget about Your Floors

Depending on the type of flooring you have, the cleaning strategy might change. For carpets, you want to ensure all dirty spots and stains are out. Carpets also tent to hold a lot of dust and hair, so make sure to give them a good inspection before starting. You can spot clean any stains with your cleaning product of choice and give the entire surface a good clean with a vacuum to get al the dirt out. If you feel like you need some extra help in getting your carpets looking like new, hiring some professional help can be a great idea.

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Clean the Rest of Your House

There are simple details that can be hard to remember to clean. For instance, light fixtures. Light fixtures tend to hold a lot of dust, dust that will probably fall down with time and make your house dirty. Also, have you thought about doorhandles? Door handles hold a lot of bacteria due to being constantly used and fairly cleaned. Make sure you take some extra time to wipe them with some disinfectant. Have you given a thought to your attic and basement? These are areas of the house you will probably not visit frequently but are also important to take into consideration. Give them a good inspection to determine what you can do to get them clean and looking good.

Don’t Forget about the outside of Your House

Before your house cleaning project, make sure to inspect the outside of your home thoroughly. Many people tend to forget about this area of their property, but ensuring all your wiring and gutters are in top condition is essential. To check on your gutter system, take a ladder and climb up there. Are they clogged? If this happens to be the case, use your hands of grab a broom stick and take all the trash out. To ensure the system works properly, grab a hose and pour some water onto the system. If the system doesn’t seem to work, don’t hesitate and ask for the help of professionals.

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