If you were to think about all of the advice that your parents have given you over your lifetime, the most prominent would be to buy a house for the purpose of establishing financial security or to provide a space to create a family. And while this is a good lesson for everybody to retain, too many people are becoming focused on the word "house" and are missing out on the benefits of owning real estate.

Advantages to Apartment Living

If the current price of houses is blocking you from purchasing real estate in Coral Gables, it might be time to consider a different approach. With experience providing title insurance in Coral Gables to both house and apartment owners, Riva Title Company has seen many would-be property owners just like yourself find security and happiness with an apartment. For this post, we have prepared our top list of advantages of owning and living in an apartment.

Solid Investment

It is no surprise that the prices of houses are going up. And while this is appealing to home buyers who are looking to invest, the same trend is occurring with apartments. The only difference is the starting price. Apartments can provide the same level of financial security and stability as a house, without the large upfront costs. Similar to a house, you can also protect your investment in an apartment with title insurance.

Rental Income

When it comes to rental income, an apartment is just as likely to provide a stable level of income as apartment living in highly sought out by renters. If you can purchase an apartment in a trendy area, the total rental income can often be more than you would see from renting out a house.


The next time that you are out with your friends enjoying your social life, take a look around you and count the number of houses you see. Once you have this, count the number of apartments you can see. You will quickly realize that there simply aren't houses in trendy areas. Making the choice to live in an apartment gives you the option of living right in the heart of the action. Aside from your social life, if you spend a lot of time commuting to the city for work, this commute can be drastically reduced or even eliminated by living in a city-based apartment block. Just like buying a house, it is important to complete your due diligence. Moreover, just like the title of a house, the title of an apartment can be secured with title insurance. Speak with Riva Title Company at 786-787-7888 before you sign any papers for assistance with settlement and title insurance.

Less Maintenance

When you imagine owning a house with a backyard, you instantly dream of entertaining your friends, starting a garden, or watching your kids play. However, if you were to ask an established house owner about their backyard, they will likely refer to it as an underutilized piece of ongoing maintenance. Many apartment buildings can offer you a rooftop garden for you to enjoy and use for entertaining, without the need to maintain it.


Similar to a backyard, many home buyers dream that they will install a pool or turn a spare room into a gym. However, once these buyers pay for all of the costs associated with purchasing a house, they find that they do not have the money to make these additions. With an apartment, however, these very amenities are installed and ready to be used from the first day you move in.


Keeping a home secure is important to all homeowners, however with a house, the options are somewhat limited. Apartments feature security entrances where access is limited. Additionally, many apartment buildings will include a door-person or concierge who can monitor incoming guests to ensure building security and resident safety.

Finding the Best Title Insurance Rates in Coral Gables

Whether you choose to buy a house or an apartment, it is important that you take steps to ensure your financial security. Before you sign any paperwork or make a purchase, speak with Riva Title Company at 786 787-7888 to obtain a thorough title search. A title search can uncover any anomalies on your title which may affect your future ownership. Once the title has been declared clear, purchasing title insurance can provide you with financial security and peace of mind. In the event an undiscovered claim is lodged, title insurance ensures that you will not be held financially liable and can retain ownership over your home's title.