It is the very nature of selling. The seller does everything they can to draw a potential buyer's attention to the positives of the product, and do their best to leave the negative aspects unmentioned.

Of course, then there are sellers who go one step further and do what they can to actively hide a problem. When this happens, the damage is almost always severe and costly to repair. To help you avoid finding this damage once you've signed the papers, Riva Title Company has a post to share with top items a seller might try and hide.

Electrical Problems

Starting with the easiest to hide, electrical problems can be one of the most costly repairs to undertake if the damage has been left to accumulate. When you're inspecting a potential home, consider these:
  • Look for electrical socket covers which appear brand new. One of the first signs of electrical damage is burning or discoloration of the socket cover. If it looks brand new, ask why.
  • Following on, if you do see discoloration from burning or overheating then it is not a good sign.
  • Bring along a small cell-phone charger and check all of the electrical sockets are functioning. Be sure to pay attention to any smells or sparking which might occur.
  • Take a look at the main switch/breaker board and check its condition. How well it is maintained can give you a good insight into how the owner regards the electrical wiring in the property.
If you notice any electrical damage, speak with the seller and consider your own professional electrical assessment before proceeding with the buy. Of course, not all problems are easily visible. To prevent future problems with the title of your new home, speak with Riva Title Insurance at 786-787-7888 to learn more about how Title Insurance in Coconut Grove can help protect your investment.

Water Damage

Water damage in a home is easily covered and easily dismissed if a buyer isn't paying attention. Give some thought to the following:
  • A fresh coat of paint is great for brightening up a home. It's also one of the best ways to hide water damage. If you can smell fresh paint, push against the walls at random sections to test its integrity. If any part of the wall feels soft, then you have a good idea what's hiding underneath.
  • What would a pile of blankets be doing sitting in the middle of the attic? A good question and one you should answer by moving the blankets. If you notice something that seems out of place, move it to see if it isn't being used to hide any water damage. This is particularly important when inspecting the attic and basement.
  • Mold and wet and rotting materials have a particular smell and one which is worth taking notice of during your inspection. If you smell something, follow your nose.
  • Water damage isn't limited to the inside of a property, however. Inspect the foundation of the property for any water damage. Water that is left to collect can weaken the ground surrounding your foundations.

Bad Neighbors

While it isn't a good thought that your neighbors can determine your home owning happiness, it is true to an extent. Some states require sellers to disclose this information prior to the sale. However, once the transfer has been completed, it is a tough battle and one which you can avoid.
  • The best way to learn about your potential neighbors it to meet them. After the inspection, take a couple of minutes to say hello and learn more about them.
  • Speak with other residents of the street regarding any disruptions that often occur at or next to the property you are looking at.
  • Speak with local police or private security about any reported disturbances or incidents.
  • If you suspect that the inspection time has been crafted to be at the best possible time free of disturbances, simply go back and visit the area at a later stage. During different days and at different times, drive to and then walk through the street to get a feel it.

Title Insurance in Coconut Grove Can Help Protect Your Investment

While there are popular items for sellers to hide, this is in no way an exhaustive list. For this reason, pay close attention to every detail of a home you are looking to buy, and consider the services of a professional building inspector. Once you are ready to settle, speak with Riva Title Company by calling 786-787-7888 to learn about how Title Insurance in Coconut Grove can protect your investment and ensure your continued home ownership.