The holiday season, spanning November to January, is generally considered the worst time to list a home on the market. The short days, cold weather, and holiday spirit tend to focus buyers' attention elsewhere. Most people have other concerns during the holiday season, so it is not the most active for real estate. While it may be unusual to buy or sell a home during the holidays, there are sometimes opportunities in the unusual. Here are a few pros and cons and tips for maneuvering the housing market this winter.

Buying a Home this Winter in Coral Terrace

Limited House Supply during the Holidays

Most sellers avoid the holidays because of the short daylight hours, cold weather, and general lack of focus from buyers. If someone is selling their home during the holiday, it is likely that the seller is desperate, extra motivated to cut a deal. Since it is not the most convenient time of year, the seller needs to sell, and you can get a bargain. If you are determined, you can take advantage of the seller's urgency.

Finding Homes Not on the Market

Because inventory is so low, you may not find a home that suits you. There are ways, however, to shop for homes that are not currently on the market. A possible treasure trove are "old expires," homes that were on sale a few years ago but never found a buyer. Ask your broker to contact some that interest you and you may find a bite. Your broker could also target a neighborhood that interests you and mass mail homes in that area. Also ask brokers in your preferred neighborhood for homes that are being prepped to sale and get a jump start on "coming soon" opportunities.

Limited Home Demand during the Holidays

Because there are fewer buyers on the market during the holidays, you will encounter less competition in negotiations. You just may be able to work out a bargain price on a home that you fancy. It may not be probable to find your dream home, because of the limited supply, but if you find it, it would be the prime time for a quality investment.

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Selling Your Home this Winter in Coral Terrace

Is a Winter Home Sale Really Necessary?

First thing you need to ask yourself is if you really need to sell your home now. For one, it will take a lot of time away from your family when you should be together. There are also many economic reasons that it is not the best time to sell. Inventory is low, so the few buyers out there are aggressive and looking for a bargain. There is less buyer competition, so you may have to settle for a lower price. If you can wait, it is advisable to do so.

You Need a Quality Agent to Sell Your Home in the Winter

A good agent will not abandon you on the holidays. It is a tough thing to ask, but the right agent will be there for you. Because of the time of year, the agent will have to go above and beyond to get your house sold, so ask your friends and family for quality referrals.

Holiday Buyers are Motivated

Anyone taking time away from their families to shop for a home during the holidays is serious about making a purchase. Ask your agent to find buyers with a deadline, either because they are relocating for a job, trying to make year-end tax breaks, military personnel, college students and staff, or other buyers who will be looking to cut a deal fast. Taking advantage of the buyer's urgency will help mitigate the costs your rush will cost you.

Price Your Home to Sell

All year round, a lower home price will attract more buyers. Because there are fewer buyers during the holidays, it is more important to do so. Rather than gradually reducing the asking price, it is better to list at the price you can accept before putting it on the market.

A Cozy Home is an Inviting Home

Make house hunters feel cozy and invited when they visit your home in the winter. Keep the temperature warm, cranking up the heat even, play some soothing classical music in the background, and offer holiday treats. The more time the buyer spends in the home, and wants to spend in your home, the more opportunities you have to highlight the house's quality features.

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