Looking for your dream property? All you need is internet access and a computer, right? This article has a list of reasons why this isn’t correct. If advertisements are to be believed, all that you need to do to find your dream home and move in is simply visit a website or download an app. And while this is certainly one way to do it, it isn’t the be-all and end-all of property buying.

Why You Should Consider Using a Real Estate Agent

Below is an article from Riva Title Company with just some of the benefits you can take advantage of, as a buyer, when enlisting the services of a real estate agent.

A Greater Selection

Believe it or not, many properties are sold without any advertisement at all. Not online, not in print, nowhere. They are simply sold between agents using their networks and connections. While it may seem counterproductive, many sellers want to save money on advertising and aren’t entirely fond of anybody with internet access being able to see inside their homes. Instead, they ask their agent to not advertise and simply sell within their network. Without using the services of an estate agent, these options are not just closed to you, you have no idea that they even were options!

Finding Just the Right House

Your dream house has at least four bedrooms with the master bedroom having access to an ensuite and walk-in closet. You want to be close enough to a grocery store so that’s convenient but not so close that you get the noise which can come with it. You’re thinking about having children so you also want to be close to high-ranking schools but again, not so close that your morning commute is congested with school drop-off. Oh, and you also want a big yard and to be close to a park. If you have been visiting property search websites then you know that these aren’t search criteria which you can use to narrow down your results. However, this level of criteria is something which an estate agent can help you with. Not only do they know about the properties they have available, but it’s also their job to know the surroundings and what type of lifestyle you can expect to live and enjoy. Not only do you want a dream home but you also want a dream title, one that is clear of any issues which could cause problems for your future ownership. Speak with Riva Title Company at 786-787-7888 to find out how a thorough title search and title insurance in Miami, FL can protect you and your home ownership from any title challenges.

The Right and the Wrong Time to Buy

Every buyer wants to get a good deal. That means a good property for a good amount of money. Unfortunately, this can all come down to a matter of timing. Unless you know a lot about the property market, it can be hard to decipher when you should be looking and making offers and when it is best for you to spend your time elsewhere and wait out a market which isn’t in your favor. An estate agent has their finger on the pulse of the property market and not only knows the best times to and not to buy, but also which of these times is applicable to you. For example, if you hear a news report that says the market is in your favor and you should buy, are you sure this applies to the areas you are looking and the types of properties you are looking at? There is no way you can. However, you can bet that an estate agent knows.

Hold Your Hand

Buying a property isn’t like online shopping. You can’t just add it to the online shopping cart, choose your payment method, and then wait for it to be delivered. Instead, there is a range of checks, balances, appointments, inspections, and paperwork which needs to be completed correctly and in the correct order. Unless you have experience buying a house then this can all become so confusing that you miss or forget important pieces of due diligence, leaving you open to pay fees or penalty interest. A real estate agent has been through the process hundreds of times before and can help you get through it. Not only can they provide advice, the right agent can also take care of all of the forms, make appointments, arrange inspections, and even file the relevant paperwork on your behalf, leaving you the freedom to sit back and take comfort that everything is being done correctly to get you into your new home as soon as possible.

Title Insurance in Miami, FL Is a Necessity

With the amount of work which comes with transferring a title, there is much which can go wrong and cause problems for you in the future. Protect yourself and your investment with title insurance in Miami, FL. Available only prior to settlement, title insurance in Miami, FL provides title security and peace of mind for owners. To find out more, speak with an expert at Riva Title Company by calling 786-787-7888.