When it comes to buying a house, it can be difficult to know what is a simple DIY task and what can cost you a large sum of money.

There is a range of small DIY repair jobs which, while they could have been completed by the owner before the sale, aren’t serious enough to warrant a reduction in your offering price or even factoring repairs into your budget. On the flip side, however, there are maintenance items which should be discussed prior to settlement. The reason why these items are so important is because of the costs associated with their repair. To help you get started, Riva Title Company has prepared the following post.


Without a doubt, the most expensive type of repair work is irrigation related. Not because the work is difficult or complicated, but largely because your irrigation system is built into the walls and structure of your home, which means that any work on your irrigation requires taking out pieces of your wall or even the ceiling. During each and every inspection you have of the property, be sure to flush every toilet and run every faucet you can find. If you identify any problem, large or small, take them up with your property inspector prior to their final assessment and ask them to investigate further as part of their report.


If you have ever tried to crawl under your house then you know just how inaccessible the space can be. This inaccessibility is a large part of the reason why foundation repairs are so expensive. Not only repair work, but the initial identification of problems is not only a difficult task, but also an expensive one, requiring somebody or a range of equipment to make their way under your house to see what is happening. Of course, if there are problems, then you can expect the cost of any repair work to be high. While it would be good if there was a better option, the best way to inspect the condition of a property’s foundation is to put on some old clothes and take a look. Or, of course, you could ask your property inspection to undertake the task for you. If you aren't able to access the foundations, an alternative way to check is by ensuring that all of the doors and windows in the property open and close properly. When a foundation begins to move it alters the structure of the door and window frames, causing them to stick or not close property. Before you make your offer, ensure that the title of the home is clear from issues which could arise and challenge their ownership of your new home. A title search and title insurance provide financial protection against such situations. To find out more, speak with a title insurance expert at Riva Title Company by calling 786-787-7888.


If you have ever tried to remove mold from your bathroom ceiling then you just not just how difficult the task can be, but how persistent mold is. If you can imagine the small patch of your bathroom and then multiply it by 10 or consider an entire wall, then you can see why you might have an expensive problem on your hands. If, when inspecting a home, you can smell mold, there is a stale smell in the air, or the walls have been freshly painted, then there is a good chance there is mold present. Run your hands and fingers along the walls as you tour the home, feeling for any soft spots which could indicate mold growth behind fresh paint. If you have identified mold and it has been covered up, then there is a good chance that there is more in the house which you aren’t seeing, which means an even higher remediation cost. In this regard, it can be difficult for a buyer to decide if they will continue with the purchase, often wondering what other mold problems they will find once settlement has occurred.

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