When it comes to selling a home, sellers need to do everything they can to make their property stand out, including staging their home during inspections.

If you have ever attended an open house and weren’t able to work out what type of person lived in the house, then there’s a good chance the property is usually empty and has been staged for the purpose of the inspection.

Help Staging Your Home

The purpose of staging a property is to make it as appealing as possible during an open house, with the property’s selling points being emphasized. A professional can take care of this for you, however, if you are interested in the task yourself, Riva Title Company has some great tips to help get you started.

Sparkling Clean

The first step to staging a home is to clean it. And by clean it, we mean to clean it more thoroughly than it has likely ever been cleaned since you moved in. While buyers will understand and, even expect, a little wear and tear, a dirt house signifies a disinterest in maintenance and can be a real turn-off for potential buyers. When you are undertaking your deep-clean, pay close attention to these spots, as buyers can often look at them more closely:
  • Entrance Way and Front Door Kitchen Benches Bathroom Ceiling and Tiles Any and all storage areas

Keep It Neutral

If you have no furniture in your property then you will likely want to hire some from a local furniture-hire service. These services can allow you to hire as much or as little furniture you need and you can choose from a range of themes and styles. When considering hiring furniture, consider these items:
  • Keep the colors neutral and muted.
  • Try to avoid choosing patterns or prints.
  • Make sure that everything matches.
  • Be certain that each furniture item enhances the space it will be in.
If your property is furnished or you will be using your own furniture, keep these in mind:
  • Be sure to remove as much clutter as possible. Remove as many personal items as possible, such as awards and photos. Make sure that everything is put away, such as your laundry items and even kitchen utensils. Rearrange your furniture so that it maximizes the space in your home and is easy to navigate around.
If your buyers are getting a mortgage then it’s likely that they will need title insurance in Miami, FL, which means that they will need your property’s title to be checked and clean. To find out how you can do this, in anticipation, speak with an expert at Riva Title Company by calling 786-787-7888.

To the Bedroom

When it comes to staging a bedroom, the best thing that you can do is to keep it bright and gender neutral. By this, it means that there shouldn’t be a "his and her" side of the bed, nor should the theme flow through the rest of the bedroom. This can help keep the space more appealing to a larger set of buyers.
  • Use bright and fun flowers instead of roses or anything romantic.
  • If using side-tables, be sure the decorations match, such as table lamps or clocks, etc.
  • If you will be hanging towels, be sure their colors match.
Remember that, just like all rooms in your property, you aren’t designing your bedroom for you or for anybody else, you are designing it to show off the space at its best and make the room appealing to as many buyers as possible.

Entertaining Guests

If your property includes any entertaining spaces, it’s important that these areas be set up and included as part of your home-staging plan. These areas as important because buyers want to get as much out of their new purchase as possible, which means entertaining. Setting these spaces up during an open house helps buyers to visualize the possibilities. Shy away from using seasonal decorations and stick with general dinner party or brunch themes. Set the space up to include as many potential guests as possible. Instead of using the lights in the ceiling, consider installing a range of standing lamps to light up as much of the space as possible. Be sure not to use candles as these can be dangerous.

Smart Buyers Want Title Insurance in Miami, FL

When it comes time to open your house to buyers, be sure that you and your title are ready. Smart buyers and those using borrowed funds will also take out a policy for title insurance in Miami, FL, which requires a clean title. Speak with Riva Title Company at 786-787-7888 today and get the process started with a thorough title search and investigation.