Are you planning to sell your home? In this post by Riva Title Company in South Miami, FL, we’ll go over how working with a stager can make your home as attractive as possible to potential buyers.

What is a Stager?

If you’re planning to sell a house, you’ve probably heard the term stager. A stager is a professional whose job is to enhance your property’s decor and furnishings to entice potential buyers. Even though it might seem over the top for some sellers, those who have chosen to go with a stager notice that having that extra expert eye can help their home sell faster and at a better price than those that don’t use a stager.

Working with a stager can put you one step closer to selling your home to the right buyer. Another essential member of your home selling team is having a professional title services company like Riva Title Company by your side. Call them today at  786-787-7888 and ask how they can help you in the home selling process and clear up all your title-related questions in no time.

What Does a Stager Do?

If you’ve never world with a stager (or seen a stager’s work), you might be inclined to think that all a stager does is move things around and place a lovely vase with flowers near the front door, but stagers do so much more. A good stager will be in tune with popular decor trends in your area and will help you get your home to that level. Decor can go a long way, and stagers know that decorating with potential buyers in mind takes some finesse. Having professionals like stagers and title agents by your side can make the whole process of selling your home much more straightforward. If you don’t have a title company by your side yet, give Riva Title Company a call at 786-787-7888, and one of their professional agents will help you right away.

What Are the Benefits of Working With a Stager?

There are many benefits to working with a stager, from their expertise, objective perspective, and access to suppliers that can instantly make an empty room full. Let’s go over some of these a bit more in-depth.

A Higher Offer

Having a higher offer on your property is probably one of the reasons most home sellers decide to stage their home for potential buyers. To break it down, a staged home can make more buyers interested, and more interest can mean a bidding war for your property.

An Experienced Eye for Trends

One of the most coveted benefits that a stager brings to the table is their expertise and experienced eye for trends. Knowing what catches a potential buyer’s eye goes beyond interior design knowledge and into a deep understanding of real estate and market trends that inform how a stager will stage a property. Real estate can be competitive depending on the area where the property is located, and a stager can help you make your property stand out and sell much quicker than the competition.

An Objective Perspective

We won’t lie and say that selling your home is easy, and if it’s a property you’ve invested time and money into it, it can be hard to let go of certain aspects of its decor and distribution. For some people, the decor they’ve given their home is deeply personal and can be hard to change. That’s why having a stager can be such a valuable asset in looking at the property objectively while keeping its overall potential in mind.

Access to Props, Furniture, and Decor Pieces

Another essential aspect of working with a stager is that you’ll have access to their catalog of props, furniture, and decor pieces. Staging a home means bringing out the best from each space, and sometimes moving furniture around isn’t enough. For example, a stager will know if your living room would do better with an updated couch and end tables and will make it happen with access to vendors or their own catalog. In this case, having a professional stager will also prevent you from spending extra money on things you hadn’t planned initially.

Now you know why working with a stager could help you sell your home much faster and at a better price. Riva Title Company is ready to help you out with any title-related questions. Give them a call at  786-787-7888, and one of their agents will help you out in no time!