The number of fees charged during a home purchase can often catch many home buyers off-guard, leading them to make an offer on a house which is potentially out of their budget.

When you are browsing through the range of online property sale websites, it can be easy for a first-time home buyer to assume that the price listed with the photos is the total price that you would pay. Unfortunately, the reality of home buying is very different, as is the final cost.

Costs to Include in Your Home-Buying Budget

Riva Title Company knows just how confusing the home buying process can be for first-time buyers and how many can become shocked and confused at the long list of fees involved. With this in mind, below is an article with some information about some of the most common fees you can expect to budget for.

Conveyancer/Legal Fees

While it might seem odd that the home buying process includes legal related fees, such as costs for a conveyancer or a solicitor, the process includes a range of legal processes which all need professional attention. The purpose of these processes and the work which goes into them is to protect both the buyer throughout the process and ensure a clean and thorough transfer of title. The costs associated will depend on the type of service you enlist. With this in mind, speak with a range of providers about what they can do to help you with your home purchase and the fees they will charge you.

Settlement Costs

Even in the technological world we live in, the process of settling a home and a title transfer is very much manual, requiring multiple parties to meet and exchange documents, checks, keys, and most importantly, the title. As you can imagine, if there is a human performing work then there is a cost associated, and your settlement is no exception. The costs can vary depending on the service you enlist and just how difficult the process is, such as requiring further documentation from your lender or any issues which could cause a delay of the event. When it comes to protecting your title ownership, there is no better option than title insurance in Miami, FL. Available only prior to settlement, title insurance in Miami, FL can not only find potential problems with your title but can also provide financial protection against claims made against your title ownership. To find out how title insurance in Miami, FL can protect you, speak with an expert at Riva Title Company by calling 786-787-7888.

Inspection Fee

Unless you are a car expert or a mechanic, there’s a good chance that you will take any used car you are considering buying to a professional for their inspection and opinion. The process of buying a house is no different. Property inspectors are qualified to inspect homes and provide thorough reports on the condition of the property along with any potential issues which could arise and become quite costly, either for the homeowner or the lender. When you are looking to hire a property inspector, keep in mind that each inspector will provide different services. As an example, many inspectors will only give the roof a visual inspection from the ground and won’t actually climb up to inspect its condition. Similarly, many more won’t thoroughly inspect the foundations of a home and will only give a brief visual inspection.

Council and Utility Fees

If you have been renting your whole life then you are probably new to the world of council fees. This is because your landlord will have paid them for the property, and likely included the overall cost in your apportioned rent payments. However, when it comes to buying and owning a home, these will be your responsibility. It’s likely that the seller will have already paid for a portion of these fees in advance, and will seek reimbursement from yourself for any remaining period which has been covered. If not, these forward costs will be payable by you to the council on the date of settlement. Depending on the area you buy and the size of the house, these costs will vary. Speak with your conveyancer about the expected costs to help you budget.

Title Insurance in Miami, FL Can Protect Your Home Ownership

Payable only once prior to settlement, title insurance in Miami, FL is the best way to protect your home ownership against legal and financial claims made against it caused by a range of problems, such as a forged signature from decades ago. To learn more about the issues which can arise with a property's title after the transfer, speak with Riva Title Company at 786-787-7888.