Cheap Home Improvements That Increase Value

Here are some home improvement steps you can take to boost the value of your home without costing a fortune.


Install dimmers on your lights. Buyers like to be able to control the lighting in a room. And consider sun tubes. These are similar to skylights, but smaller and cheaper. Using reflective material, sun tubes funnel light from the roof into a room. Install motion detectors on your lights. Make sure all your windows can open and fix any broken panes. Finally, remember that high wattage bulbs make small spaces look bigger and soft lighting makes empty areas look warm and inviting.

Starts at the Front Door

Most buyers make a decision within the first seven seconds upon entering a home. Give them a good first impression with a nice front door. If you do not have a portico or other overhang to shield you from the elements while you look for your keys. Make sure the doorbell works.

Install a Deck for Better Home Value

You get back every dollar you put into a deck in the value of your home. Done with the right look and the right materials, a maintained deck will boost your home value.

Go Green

Replace your old heating and air conditioning units and consider a solar-powered water heater. New units can save you 30-40% on your utility bills and increase home value by twenty times that. Take advantage of green tax credits to make these installations even cheaper.

Repaint Your Walls

Don't show your house to borrowers with chipped paint. Use neutral colors when repainting. Buyers want to put their own mark on the property, so dilute your personal tastes for now.

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