It's no secret that selling real estate near Coconut Grove isn't always a smooth process, and with a large number of requirements and processes that need to be undertaken, it's also no surprise. If you're looking to sell real estate near Coconut Grove and are open to learning from the mistakes of others, keep reading.

How to Sell Your Real Estate Near Coconut Grove Quickly and With Minimal Hurdles

With years of experiencing providing professional closing services to a number of homeowners just like yourself, Riva Title Company - Title Insurance Agency has compiled a short list of simple, yet common mistakes that many homeowners before you have made, and how you can avoid them.

DIY Home Selling

Since the birth of the internet homeowners have access to a range of information and knowledge bases on how to best sell their property. While doing your research is always a good idea, the abundance of information available can lead many homeowners to believe they can perform the selling process themselves and without a real estate agent. If this is your thinking then you are about to make the #1 mistake on our list. From advertising to networking, to the intricacies of the entire process, the benefit, and power of utilizing a real estate agent can not be understated. If you're in doubt - alongside your research look for statistics on the number of homes that sold using an agent compared to those which didn't.

Setting Your Asking Price Too High

Next on the list is often the most difficult decision for homeowners to make; what price to advertise as the asking price. Alongside a professional valuation, sellers need to be realistic about their asking price, especially in a crowded market. While it's always ideal to get the most you can, if you're dealing with a lot of immediate competition then it can be better to choose an asking price close to the price you will accept. If you're looking for additional ways to bolster your asking price and entice buyers who are using borrowed funds to purchase a property, consider appealing to their lenders application requirements. Most reputable lenders require their applicants to obtain and provide a thorough title search and the provision of title insurance near Coconut Grove to ensure their investment is clear and will remain financially protected. Speak with Riva Title Company - Title Insurance Agency at 786-787-7888 and obtain this documentation in advance to include in any advertisements you display. While it may only be a small cost in the scheme of things, against a myriad of sellers who aren't providing this level of transparency, it can be just the differentiating point your property needs.

Not Paying Attention to or Fixing Small Issues

Do you know what the first thing that runs through homebuyers' mind when they see a small crack or minor repair work that hasn't been completed? They think that if you haven't considered fixing small problems they can see around the home, what larger problems that they can't see have you also neglected. Take the time to tour your own property with the mind of a homebuyer and pay attention to the small details. If a door doesn't close, fix it. If a window won't open, fix it. These small issues can set a bad tone in a homebuyers mind, seeing them leave your property in search of another.

Time Your Sale Well

Just because you're ready to sell doesn't mean that your home is ready to be sold. Take a look around you at other homes and, if they aren't getting the prices that you're looking for, consider waiting until the market changes to be more in your favor. Too many times sellers place their homes for sale in the wrong market conditions and end up seeing their property sit empty for months on end without any interest.

The Best Title Insurance Rates for Real Estate Near Coconut Grove

As we mentioned above, a title search and provision of title insurance near Coconut Grove provides homebuyers and lenders with confidence their investment is going to be well protected and they can enjoy the benefits of owning your home long-term. Speak with Riva Title Company - Title Insurance Agency at 786-787-7888 and learn more about our closing services which include title insurance near Coconut Grove. Alongside this service, ask about how Riva Title Company - Title Insurance Agency can help you with refinancing, reverse mortgages and even escrow of funds. Professionals in the field of real estate near Coconut GroveRiva Title Company - Title Insurance Agency are the best people to speak with to take care of your real estate needs.