It’s no secret that selling a home during summer is more difficult than other months, with the majority of potential buyers on vacation, however, this doesn’t mean that it’s an impossible task.

Selling a home throughout the remaining seasons is made much easier by schedules. Not the seller’s, but the buyers. During these months, when children are in school, families and even singles have a relatively similar and predictable routine which makes it easy to arrange inspections and to see a lot of people walk through the door.

Tips for Selling a Property During Summer

However, during the summer vacation period when children are away from school, buyers find it incredibly difficult to make it to the number of inspections they want to. If you are selling your home during the summer period, Riva Title Company has some great tips which can help.

Using the Light to Your Advantage

Summer brings with it an abundance of light which not only makes you feel great, but is a great way to light your home for buyer inspection, leading it to feel fresh and spacious. With this in mind, make your way around your house and, in addition to simply opening curtains and shutters, look for other ways you can open doors and other spaces to allow the flow of more natural light through your home and your hallways. During this activity, take the time to view each room from a buyer’s perspective, looking out for any small problems which may raise concerns which you can take care of now and not leave until inspection time.

Small Problems

Moving to the subject of small problems, many buyers tend to leave smaller DIY tasks and repair jobs with the idea that they will be selling the property, so why bother improving it? And while this is a sound argument, small problems can cause large concerns. As an example, a door that doesn’t close properly or a window which sticks can easily make a buyer assume that there are problems with the foundation of the property, leading them to expect large repair costs in the future, when in reality it was nothing more than a loose hinge or some paint which needed to be sanded back. Whatever the small task is, be sure to fix it before opening your home to buyer scrutiny. In addition to a house without issues, buyers obtaining title insurance require the title of the property to be clear from problems which could cause ownership claims in the future. The best way to prepare your title for your buyers is with a thorough title search. To find out more, speak with an expert at Riva Title Company by calling 786-787-7888.

Flexible Inspection Times

When children are in school and parents are at work during the week, it’s easy for sellers to arrange convenient inspection times which accommodate the majority of buyers. However, in summer when children and families are on vacation, making the previously-convenient appointments is no longer an option. With this in mind, in addition to your advertised inspection times, encourage buyers to make inspection appointments outside of these times. If you have a sign in your front yard, you can also consider placing a remark that you welcome buyers to knock on your door or call with a few minutes notice, etc. However, when adopting this tip, it's important that you ensure your home is always ready for inspection, which means keeping it clean and tidy at all times.

Lawn Maintenance

During summer, your lawns and gardens will grow much quicker than you have become used to, which means that your regular maintenance schedule isn’t enough and, instead, will see potential buyers greeted with disheveled lawns and gardens which does nothing for their first impression of a property you are hoping to sell them. Because of this, be sure to include more lawn maintenance during summer, ensuring that your property is looking its best as often as possible. If the property is vacant, speak with a neighborhood lawn care service or even a neighbor to perform the regular task for you. This could include mowing the lawns each week and tending to the garden every second week.

Title Insurance in Miami, FL

Before you open your house to buyer inspection and your title to buyer scrutiny, speak with a title insurance expert at Riva Title Company about how a thorough title search can uncover any potential issues on your title, allowing you the time to address them before accepting any offers. Call 786-787-7888 today to find out more.