Just as fashion and music styles change with time, so does architecture. That's why there's a special charm about older properties, since they are a reminder of how the world used to be. If you want to have some of that nostalgia for your own, you may be thinking about investing in an older property. Before do you do, however, read the post below to get an idea of some of the problems you may find in it.

What Issues to Search for in an Older Property

Toxic Materials

Nowadays, it is widely known that certain materials, such as asbestos and lead, are incredibly toxic and people shouldn't be in contact with them. Unfortunately, this wasn't always the case; meaning that in the past, these and other toxic substances were used in everyday life, including constructions. What's even more unfortunate, is that places built before they were banned may still have some traces of them lurking around. To ensure that old place you love isn't one of them, ask the seller about the house's construction, and even have an inspector search for these materials so you can rest assured.


It's not uncommon for older properties to be the preferred habitat of rodents, bugs, and nasty microorganisms. In short, it's possible for the place you have your eye on to be infested with rats, mold, roaches, and other unwelcome roommates (especially if the house wasn't maintained properly for a long time). Not only are they unsightly and disgusting, but they can make you sick, they can be extremely difficult to get rid of, and they can damage the property's structure. So, unless you want to coexist with these beings and deal with the consequences of their presence, hire a trained inspector to evaluate the house.

Irregularities in the Paperwork

The legal documents revolving an estate are extremely important (the property's title, for example), since they are a testament to its legal history, its records, its previous owners, its mortgages, and other important information. However, if throughout the house's long history, those papers weren't handled properly, it's possible that they are now a jumbled mess that can get you into trouble. For example, if there are undisclosed heirs hiding in the property's title, you may lose the ownership claim on your investment. For that reason, you should be certain that all of the house's paperwork is in order. To keep any irregularity in the title from putting your investment at risk, hire an experienced title services company to run a title search and provide title insurance in MiamiRiva Title Company can be a helping hand so your investment is completely safe. Contact them at 786-787-7888 for more information.

Design Flaws

As mentioned above, we love older properties because they transport us back to another time just by looking at them. However, even with those charming tall ceilings and beautiful big windows, it may be that the property you want has certain design flaws that could give you headaches later down the road. For example, it's a probability that the closets in the bedrooms will be smaller than what you're used to, which can be troubling for some people. Also, keep in mind that certain materials for the house's repair may not be as readily available as they once were.

Structural Issues

Needless to say, you should verify that the property has a sound structure that can shield you from the elements and conditions outside. If you're looking at older properties, however, you should beware, as some houses that haven't been given the necessary maintenance for a long time, may not be able to provide that shelter for you. On the contrary, you and your family could be in peril, stuck in a house that's falling apart and that will require a lot of money to fix. Save yourself the trouble and hire a home inspector to assess the property's condition before closing.

Outdated Systems

As a final tip, remember to look at the property's systems (for instance, the electrical installations, the air conditioning system, the plumbing system, among similar others). Again, if these weren't updated or received regular professional maintenance, it's highly likely that they'll fail and will live you stranded in a house without any basic utilities. That's why, as mentioned a few times over throughout this post, it is imperative that you have an expert come to the place and thoroughly check that everything is working correctly before you start making offers.

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