Every agent will tell you that it is more difficult to sell your home during the summer period, largely because home buyers take the opportunity to enjoy a vacation. However, this doesn’t mean that there aren’t plenty of buyers you still need to entice. The summer weather both gives you fewer home buyers to inspect your home and more opportunities to show off your home in the best possible way. The key is to know which small changes to make to do just that.

Selling Your Home During Summer

When it comes to the property market, Riva Title Company knows a thing or two about selling homes and has prepared some information below to help you sell your property during the summer period.

It’s All About Your Curb Appeal

The first thing which any buyer will see from the curb if your lawn and garden. And while you may have a solid maintenance schedule for the rest of the year, you need to double down on your activity during summer. Why? Because your garden and lawn will grow twice as fast. This means that there are more chances for a buyer to walk or drive past your home and see your lawn in disarray.

Show off the Entertainment Possibilities

Even if you never entertain at your home, the summer period is the time to at least pretend that you do. This could mean contacting a local furniture hire vendor to lease some outdoor furniture and setting up your front porch or your back decking area as if you regularly spend your evenings watching your neighbors walk past or hosting parties on your back decking to take advantage of the longer and brighter days.

Be Flexible with Your Inspections

During the times of the year when there are more buyers wanting to inspect homes, it’s reasonable to set a few open-house times during the week or even the month. However, during the slower summer period, it’s important to be flexible with your inspection times. This could mean getting your house ready at an hour’s notice because a buyer drove past your property and took down your contact number on the sign or they have seen your property before and happen to have a couple of hours free and want to make the most of them. Buyers know just how important it is to protect their investment and will want to take a policy for title insurance in Miami, FL. Speak with Riva Title Company at 786-787-7888 to learn more about what you can do to get the ball rolling and be ready for when your buyers want to take out their policy. Remember that title insurance in Miami, FL is only available prior to settlement, so don’t hesitate and call today!

Use the Light to Your Advantage

The summer weather not only means longer days but an abundance of light! This can be used to your advantage if your home is on the smaller side of things or you have a lot of furnishings which can often make the space inside your home appear small. By opening all of your shutters, blinds, curtains, and any other window coverings to let the natural sunlight in, you can maximize the perceived space inside your home, helping to not only show it as its true space but potentially increase the offers you receive.

Fix Those Small Repair Jobs

There is likely a number of small repair jobs you have been putting off prior to the sale of your home. However, while they may be small and unseen during the rest of the year, with the sun shining brightly during the summer period, you can bet that all of these small issues will come to light (pardon the pun). For example, any chipping paint, any drywall which isn’t sealed, or even broken tiles should be repaired or replaced before you open your home to potential buyers.

Keep Your Guests Refreshed

You can bet that all of your guests will love to come out of the summer heat and take refuge in your home. As soon as they enter, be prepared with fresh ice-cold lemonade or even small cold treats which they can enjoy as they tour your home. In addition to sending the message that you are a friendly seller, small touches like this can help to make guests feel more comfortable as they inspect your home.

Savvy Buyers Will Want Title Insurance in Miami, FL

Remember that all buyers who want to protect their home ownership will take out a policy for title insurance in Miami, FL. Speak with Riva Title Company today at 786-787-7888 prior to settlement, to learn more and to see which steps you can take to get the ball rolling ready for when your buyers need the paperwork to start their due diligence.